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We make music data make sense

How we do it

Upload your music

Songwriters, producers, performers, labels and publishers can upload their catalog in 3 easy steps

Audio fingerprinting

a digital signature is developed for each and every song that is uploaded, to easily identify when played on radio stations

Monitoring and Analysis

A weekly chart and report based off the performance of your monitored catalog

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a tech start up that has developed a Saas (Software as a service) to monitor music’s performance on radio with detailed insight on the frequency of plays and the specific radio station through a weekly/monthly report once you choose a subscription.

For our Beta program, we have individual artist accounts at no cost, where the artist teams can also get limited access. We will however develop subscription plans for Labels, Publishers, Advertisers and Artists when we roll out the app commercially.

Our system can be audited on request to ensure that we are monitoring live links on the requested stations with short recordings backed up to our database.

We are currently developing our editorial arm ‘Africabeat Media’ and we are in search of competent freelance writers with a niche in music business trends and news. Any viable candidates can reach out to media@africabeat.app
For affiliate marketing discussions with entertainment websites and other music business apps please reach out to the CMO olooarthur@africabeat.app

The data collected from monitoring radio will be aggregated to develop charts as a measure of impact for music. We work with some of the major labels to activate promo campaigns in Africa for international releases. A&R is important for us to connect artists from across the continent and make great music. Source of data to analyze music trends and projections

Our team is always devoted to your satisfaction. All issues, once received via (feedback form/complaints email) and verified, are escalated and feedback shared back within 48 hours.