About Us

We’ve leveraged technology to build a platform that collects music data through audio fingerprinting and allows artists and their labels to have access to detailed reports on their music performance on radio. This will serve as a prerequisite to compliance from broadcast media in remitting license fees to CMOs/PROs and effective scientific distribution thereafter.. We further build on this data to create fan facing services like music charts,a blog, song recognition and lyrics services.

Our Story

We are Africans and great lovers of music with entrepreneurial spirits. We are deeply affected by the manner in which music and the arts in general are neglected by governments in Africa. This neglect has resulted in poor policy development and enforcement. We came together to offer a solution that can inform policy change and compliance.

The Team

Collins 'Mush' Mucheru's image
Collins 'Mush' Mucheru CEO / Founder Fullstack / DevOps, Engineer The Innovator
Arthur 'Jinx' Oloo's image
Arthur 'Jinx' Oloo CMO / Co-Founder Media Personality / A&R The Magician
Brenda Ngurari's image
Brenda Ngurari COO / Admin The Enabler
Peter Marangu's image
Peter Marangu CTO Backend / DevOps, Engineer The Tech Guru
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Anthony Nyaga Data Engineer The Data Science Guru
Edwin Muchemi's image
Edwin Muchemi Editor - Africabeat Media The Creative
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Alex Wokabi Experience Designer The Brand Guru